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Writing Female Heroism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Writing Female Heroism - Essay Example Based on various textual evidences in the above narratives, they claim that Indians were a bunch of inhuman creatures. In as much as I would like to agree with both Kinnan’s and Rowlandson’s perspective on the animosity portrayed by the Indians, I believe beyond reasonable doubt that the Indians were forced to behave inhumanly based on their earlier advances by Whites. Kinnan and Rowlandson provide a first-hand account of the experiences which they underwent when in captivity by the Native Indians. From my perspective, any person who would face such an ordeal and heartening experience among the Indians would basically call them savages. Kannan for instance had her husband and child killed by the Indians, while Rowlandson had her beloved daughter die while she was in captivity by the Indians (Rowlandson 108). From the perspective of a mother, seeing one losing beloved ones is a hurtful experience that can manifest as post-traumatic stress resulting in fixed hatred towards the murderers. Any reader, mother or wife who reads this part in the narrative written by Mary Kinnan, â€Å"My child, scalped and slaughtered, smiled even then; my husband, scalped and weltering in his blood, fixed on me his dying eye†¦Ã¢â‚¬  would develop hatred towards the perpetrators as it touched deeply into family (Rowlandson 108). In Mary Rowlandson narrative, †Å"There was one who was chopped into the head with a hatchet and stripped naked, and yet was crawling up and down†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Kinnan 4). Such a narrative and description of the event that conspired on that fateful night would totally describe the Indians as inhuman. Both Kinnan and Rowlandson are biased while they give the accounts of their narratives as they were siding with the colonialists. However, from my perspective, I believe the Indians were not inhuman creatures as Kinnan and Rowlandson portrayed them. The Native Indians had their reason why they waged such violent wars on the white colonialists. During the same

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External influences affecting the firm and its activities Essay - 1

External influences affecting the firm and its activities - Essay Example itate corresponding change in strategy so as to take into considerations of the emerging risks which may influence the overall development of the business enterprise. These external factors are highly relevant for smooth operations of the business. ‘These are characterised by 4Is: issues, institutions, interests and information’1 (Baron, p2). Non market factors, in emerging markets become all the more crucial because of the sensitive nature of the new market potential and the volatility of the market forces. The socio-political environment coupled with the media and public opinion are become vital factors for the stakeholders interests. The strategic relevance of 4Is is vital to the success of the business operations. Issues, which might clash with the operations and performance of the company, must be addressed urgently. The institutions are defined as bodies which are affected by the issues, which may be local or national in character. Interests are the personal stake of the individual or groups, in the issues. Lastly the information relates to the various facts and fictions of the issues and the actions taken thereon. Some recent external factors, which are having significant impact on the business, the world would be taken up. It is especially true in the contemporary times, when the global economy is going under tremendous turmoil. The recessive trends in the market have become crucial factors that are having varying degree of impact on the businesses across the world. The American economy has been under tremendous strain with its deteriorating job market and dismal performance of its various public private companies. Recession has also been declared in Britain and the effect of such trends could be clearly seen across the globe. The bankruptcy of major financial institutions has resulted in the financial meltdown that has created a serious crisis situation in the global economy. The economic disaster has topped the priority issues (CBS) that need to be

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Introduction To Mother Dairy

Introduction To Mother Dairy Facility location, also known as location analysis or k center problem, is a branch of operations research and computational geometry concerning itself with mathematical modeling and solution of problems concerning optimal placement of facilities in order to minimize transportation costs, avoid placing hazardous materials near housing, outperform competitors facilities, etc. Although originated from location problems, the study also applies to data clustering, which in turn is related to unsupervised learning, classification, databases, spatial range-searching, data-mining etc. The general facility location problem is: given a set of facility locations and a set of customers who are served from the facilities then: which facilities should be used which customers should be served from which facilities so as to minimise the total cost of serving all the customers. The assignment required an inherent study of various companies in order to develop an intricate understanding of the facility location of the company. The assignment explains the facility location of companies like: Nestle Mother Dairy Mc Donalds INTRODUCTION TO NESTLE Nestlà © S.A. is a Swiss multinational nutritional, snack food, and health-related consumer goods company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues. Nestlà © was formed in 1905 by the merger of the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company, established in 1866 by brothers George Page and Charles Page, and Farine Lactà ©e Henri Nestlà ©, founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlà ©. The company grew significantly during the First World War and again following the Second World War, expanding its offerings beyond its early condensed milk and infant formula products. The company has made a number of corporate acquisitions, including Crosse Blackwell in 1950, Findus in 1963, Libbys in 1971, Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988 and Gerber in 2007. Nestle India Ltd in CP, Delhi The 4 branch offices in the country help in assisting the sales and marketing of its products. They are Nestle Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The Nestlà © India head office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. Nestle India Ltd, is a subsidiary of Nestle Switzerland. The company supplies a number of consumer products with seven factories and large numbers of packers spread across the country. All the products from the company meet international standards and pass all health and safety regulations before they are retailed across the stores. From Maggi or Milkmaid, their products today have become essential in Indian. Nestle in Delhi is situated at CP. FACTORS INFLUENCING FACILITY LOCATION OF NESTLE IN DELHI/NCR REGION Government policy The influence of government policies and programmes on plant location is apparent in every country particularly in planned economies like ours. Nestle being a foreign company has to deal in a number of ways such as Licensing policy, Freight rate policy. Foreign companies are most attracted to situate their plant location in location like Delhi. Nearness to the market Cannaught place being the heart of delhi is well connected to market and is one of the biggest market in India. This nearness to the market reduces the cost of transporting finished goods to the market. Since nestle deals in most of the perishable products or bulky products its servicing units needs to be located near their markets. Competition between states States often compete with each other to attract new industries. Various states offer investment subsidies and sales tax exemptions to new units. The owners of these plants certainly consider incentive in selection of region. INTRODUCTION TO MOTHER DAIRY Mother Dairy was set up in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme. A wholly owned company of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Mother Dairy manufactures, markets sells milk and milk products under the Mother Dairy brand (Milk, Cultured Products, Ice Creams, Paneer and Ghee), Dhara range of edible oils, Safal range of fresh Fruit vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Processed Fruit Vegetable Products, Fruit Pulps Concentrates in bulk aseptic packaging and fruit juices at a national level through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items. Mother Dairy sources significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. Similarly, Mother Dairy sources fruits and vegetables from farmers / growers associations. Mother Dairy also contributes to the cause of oilseeds grower cooperatives that manufacture/ pack the Dhara range of edible oils by undertaking to nationally market all Dhara products. It is Mother Dairys constant endeavor to ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continually receive market prices by offering quality milk, milk products and other food products to consumers at competitive prices and uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable. Mother Dairy markets approximatley 3.2 million litres of milk daily in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Saurashtra and Hyderabad. Mother Dairy milk has a market share of 66% in the branded sector in Delhi where it sells 2.5 million litres of milk daily and undertakes its marketing operations through around 1400 retail outlets and over 1000 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy. Safal is the market leader in the organized fruit vegetable retail business in Delhi NCR where it sells an average of 300 MT/day through a network of 350+ exclusive retail outlets under brand name Safal/ Safal Pure Veg, supported by a state-of-the-art large and ultramodern Central Distribution Facility located in Delhi with an annual capacity to handle and process 2,00,000 MT of fresh fruits and vegetables. Safal today operates the largest number of FV Stores in Delhi NCR and has further expansion plans in place. Retail Outlets are also present in Bangalore under the brand name Safal Daily Fresh. FACTORS INFLUENCING FACILITY LOCATION OF MOTHER DAIRY IN DELHI/NCR REGION Availability of raw materials Mother Dairy, Patparganj, Delhi, is presently manufacturing selling around 8.5 lakh litres of tonned milk through bulk vending shops. As manufacturing company requires the raw materials to be converted into finished goods it must be located near the sources of their raw materials. Hence the Partparganj location serves as the main source of supply of various mother dairy products. Availability of power Industries using electricity have to be located at a place where electric power is available regularly and at cheap rates. Power is very essential factor to move the wheels of the industry. Delhi being the capital do not have any shortage of electricity. The electric power is cheaply available in plenty. Availability of labour Labour is an important factor in the production of goods. The development of the plantation industry in india has been mainly due to, among other things, the availability of adequate labour at cheap rates. There is an abundance of skilled labour in location like Delhi. INTRODUCTION TO Mc DONALDS In 1971, Mc Donalds opened its first restaurant in a Sydney suburb called Yagoona. With more than 33,000 locations across the world, McDonalds golden arches are among the most recognizable corporate logos in the world. Millions of people visit the fast food restaurant every day, attracted by convenience, product familiarity, competitive prices and the relative ease of finding a McDonalds location almost anywhere you find yourself. McDonalds began its franchise operations in 1955. For franchise owners, the company has very specific requirements for where a restaurant can be located. FACTORS INFLUENCING FACILITY LOCATION OF Mc DONALDS IN DELHI/NCR REGION Location Requirements The location of each unit is a major element of its potential success. For that reason, the company keeps a close watch on where its stores can be located. The ideal site for a stand-alone restaurant will be 50,000 square feet, although units have been developed on both smaller and larger sites. A corner location with the option to put up signs visible from two major streets is considered optimal, as is a site near a major intersection with traffic signals. Ample parking space is required and must meet all applicable local parking codes. Size and space requirements are adapted for mall and some downtown locations. Other Facility Considerations McDonalds location will have to meet stringent inspections to ensure its food preparation, storage and counter areas are safe, clean and sufficiently large to meet client demand. The seating area is subject to safety and health inspections, and will be reviewed in terms of traffic flow and maximum capacity. Each location is required to have restroom facilities for males and females. Drive-through locations must meet local traffic and safety requirements, including clear markings for drive-through lanes and vehicle size restrictions. Additional space is required for restaurants at which the franchisee wants to have a McDonalds Play Place. Space requirements vary depending on whether the play area is inside or outdoors.

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Southern Cyprus :: history

Southern Cyprus Southern Cyprus as Terrorist State The most insidious and nefarious partner of terrorism against Turkey is â€Å"Southern Cyprus.† I will not deal in this work with the EOKA murders directed at the British and the Turkish Cypriots perpetrated by the "Southern Cypriots" striving for the union of the island with Greece, how the Southern Cypriots accommodated the Armenian ASALA organization, and got them to kill the Turkish diplomats. Here I will only disclose the relations of the "Southern Cypriot" administration with the Marxist-Leninist Maoist terrorist organization PKK. The reason why the rulers of "Southern Cyprus" embraced the ASALA and the PKK for 20 years is the hatred of Makarios for the Turkish State and the nation. The fact that same feelings are carried by Karamanlis; Papandreou and similar Greek politicians has seriously endangered the security of the region. In the years following 1974, while the then Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis thoughtlessly and promptly withdrawing. Greece from the military wing of the NATO, Makarios, following a parallel path, was turning Cyprus into a "communist base". The policy followed by Karamanlis and Papandreou was the intimidation of the West. Moscow, striving to penetrate into the Eastern Mediterranean and to cause a collapse in the Western Alliance, had sent the agents of all the communist bloc to "Southern Cyprus". What made "Southern Cyprus" an international terrorism base is that policy. The number of so called Soviet, Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian "technicians" based in "Southern Cyprus" in 1976 was more than 1000. When 250 Cubans traveling between Syria and "Southern Cyprus" were added, that number was approaching to 1500. The militants of the extreme Middle Eastern Terrorist organizations was not ixicluded in that calculation. The one who prepared the ground for the operation of ending the influence of NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean was Vassos Lissarides, the Marxist advisor of Makarios. Lissarides, the founder of the socialist EDEK Party, is the person the ASALA before 1985, and the PKK today, on to the island, who brought to attack Turkish targets. Lissarides, in speeches he made in the anti-Turkey meetings held in Athens and Paris in 1976 had explicitly said that they were preparing "a new VietNam style War" in order to expel the Turks from the island. Lissarides played his own game for 40 years on the island and continues to do so. In this period, his connection with certain people has aroused the attention of intelligence organizations.

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Direct Marketing with Red Bull Essay

Introduction How should Red Bull market its brand in the future? I think, although Red Bull has been extremely successful in the past, times have changed and the company and products should change with it, otherwise we probably lose market share to the tremendous increased number of competitors in no time.At the height of early mornings and late nights, Red Bull energy drink became the fuel of choice for people from all walks of life. So how is Red Bull marketing its brand to meet the changing needs and budgets of its customers? How will the privately owned Austrian company expand its product line beyond the silver-bullet beverage that â€Å"gives you wings†? My conclusion is that we should focus on direct marketing and use this to bring in a more diverse population of users. History In 1982, Dietrich Mateschitz became aware of products called â€Å"tonic drinks†, which is very popular in Asia. While in Asia he got the idea of marketing those functional drinks outside Asia. In 1984, Mateschitz founded the company Red Bull GmbH. After tuning the drink up, Dietrich Mateschitz, introduced his â€Å"tonic drinks† to the Austrian market in 1987. â€Å"Red Bull got off the ground in no time flat, giving people wings right from the start.† In 1992, Red Bull touched down in its first foreign market, in Hungary. Today, Red Bull is energizing over 100 countries around the globe. More than a billion cans of Red Bull are consumed each year. Responsibility for the unparalleled success of the world’s No. 1 energy drink is shared by the company’s employees. It wasn’t until ten years later; Red Bull charged into the United States, launching a new category of non-soda energy drinks aimed at burned out high school kids, college students, and overworked individuals. Namely, the brand power that this product has created is truly amazing. Many people in the industry may hate Red Bull, but without Red Bull there wouldn’t even be a market for the other 150+ products currently crowding the shelves. Direct Marketing Using Prints Among the many ways of connecting with consumers, direct marketing is unique and personal. While the challenges of the emerging marketplace are disruptive for the energy drink market, direct marketing could be what keeps Red Bull on top. Why? Because the need to reach consumers in a direct and measurable way is growing stronger as a result of new technologies, new consumer expectations, new competitive pressures and new demands for demonstrable marketing return on investment. Since its inception, Red Bull has shunned print advertising in its marketing strategy. Red Bull has also chosen to eliminate billboards, banner ads, taxicab holograms, blimps, and Super Bowl spots as a form of advertising. This could be very beneficial to the company. With advertising in local papers or with large events such as Super Bowl could bring in detailed numbers. Super Bowl advertising has proved to be very beneficial, with more viewers than any TV program. However, Red Bull chooses to use advertising that cost little or nothing. It is found that those affected with direct marketing are more likely to spread the word of mouth about the product. Web-marketing Campaigns and Coupons Red Bull has not also created one web-marketing campaign, nor has it nipped or expanded its product line. This could be another area to expand. Promoting the drink with web-marketing campaigns could add to the many satisfied consumers. To successfully market your Web site you need to run an on-going campaign, just as you would for a product or service. Red Bull’s website is highly technological. The site uses Windows Media player and is extremely advanced in areas, however the website,, does not include an in-depth analysis on ingredients contained in the drink, nor does it expand on any of the history or events which it features. If consumers wanted to learn what was contained in the drink and how they benefit from the product, the information should not only be available, but in abundance. The website is very pleasing to the eye, however lacks the correct information needed by consumers and the correct marketing strategy to properly get the website in  the eyes of consumers. Another addition using the Internet could be banner ads. This would bring consumers to the site. Promote a free sample to not only bring consumers to the site but to also satisfy the consumer by introducing them to the product. Many just do not want to waste their money to try something new. By sending a sample, consumers can get a feel for the Red Bull. Red Bull should also promote with coupons, paper or web-based. With an 8 oz. can of Red Bull pulling $ 2.07, the company should use this to lure new and previous drinkers to the product. Student Representatives Red Bull does take advantage of some forms of direct marketing. However, Red Bull prides itself on the forms of advertising with little cost, or no cost. For example, Red Bull sets its grassroots ethic into motion with a simple, yet masterful marketing force: student brand managers. In Europe, collegiate buzz junkies have been successfully addicting friends and classmates for years thanks to a foolproof branding plan; Red Bull provides the student representatives with free cases of its energy drink and then encourages the kids to throw a party. Red Bull could also use this technique with older individuals in high stress occupations. This will not only spread the word quickly and cheaply, but to more individuals of different ages. This would allow Red Bull to expand its target through direct marketing. But with the current scare of mixing Red Bull with alcohol this could come to a halt very shortly. According to the website:, â€Å"The SNFA advised people to stop mixing Red Bull with alcohol and to stop drinking it after working out at the gym, until an investigation into the drink had been carried out. The warning might have come from Sweden, but it sent ripples around the world.† When there is a scare, many people avoid the product all together. This could mean bad business for Red Bull unless there is an appropriate back up plan ready. Red Bull should focus on more ways to effectively promote their products without the use of teenagers and alcohol. Conclusion With the little advertising Red Bull uses, an extra push in one of these areas could prove very beneficial for the company. Red Bull’s focus on low cost advertising may be what will put the company under. The company must first focus on the consumers and how they should be reached then use the most cost effective forms, instead of putting the cost before the consumer. With technology increasing, forms of direct marketing are becoming highly popular with not only businesses but also consumers. A spokesman for Red Bull said, â€Å"We were the original and there are a lot of people who are trying to copy us, but nobody has successfully achieved that. We still have the market share lead at 86%.† But if Red Bull can not pick up the pace with others in this highly competitive market it could be the end for this company who has been known for its marketing strategy. By adding print advertising, making minor changes to the detail contained within the site, couponing, and includ ing a web-marketing campaign, Red Bull could stay on top for yet another 17 years! Resources 1. Red Bull Energy Drink Review [Accessed 24 May 2004] Provides reviews on several drinks, including Red Bull. Reviews include taste, look and user votes. 2. Red Bull GmbH Company Profile ic/101/101316.html / [Accessed 24 May 2004] Contains contact information, financial highlights, key people, industry information and top competitors for the Red Bull Company. The site does not charge compared to others. 3. Red Bull Homepage [Accessed 25 May 2004] Red Bull homepage has a brief company history, contains information regarding the ingredients of the product and has information regarding sports and culture. 4. Dark Dog Energy Drink Homepage [Accessed 25 May 2004] This site contains latest news and information regarding products, the company, distributors, and partners of the company Dark Dog, one of Red Bulls competitors. 5. Red Bull in suspected link to Death [Accessed 27 May 2004] This site contains information regarding the Swedish National Food Administration issuing a public warning and investigating Red Bull in the deaths of three.

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Roanoke: the Lost Colony

Roanoke: The Lost Colony Roanoke was the first attempt at creating an English settlement in the New World. It began in 1587 when Sir Walter Raleigh gathered over 100 people to voyage to Roanoke Island on North Carolina’s coast. Three years later, all of Roanoke’s inhabitants were gone with barely any evidence that they even lived there. The only clues found were the letter â€Å"CRO† carved into the trunk of a tree. On the nearby palisades, John white found the word â€Å"CROATOAN† carved into the surface.I believe the colonists of Roanoke voyaged to the nearby island of Croatoan and were absorbed by the native tribes. White, finding the clues, then began trying to identify the fate of the villagers. Before leaving, he told the villagers to leave clues as to their location should they have to leave the colony. White knew of an island called Croatoan south of Roanoke. A storm forced White and his men back to England before he could search for his family.Ano ther clue as to where the colonists went is the fact that several of the natives in Croatoan describe their ancestors as white people. Later, there were natives found with gray eyes which were only found among these natives and no others. The natives also claim their ancestors came from â€Å"Roanoke in Virginia. † The Pembrokes, the natives of Croatoan, spoke pure Anglo-Saxon English and bore the last names of many of the lost colonists. The natives even had fair eyes, light hair, and Anglo bone structure.These clues all point to the colonists voyaging into Croatoan and making a settlement there. Apart from telling the colonists to leave Clues, White also told them to carve a Maltese cross above their destination. Because no cross was found at Roanoke, it leads me to believe the colonists had to leave in a hurry. There could have been a threat of invasion which gave the colonists little time to escape and leave clues to their whereabouts. The lost colony of Roanoke was aband oned and its inhabitants voyaged into the wilderness and joined local native tribes.